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Cinematic Temporal Supersampled Anti-Aliasing


Today Unity Changes! With a single click, CTAA enables all Unity users to achieve next generation off-line Cinematic Render Quality anti-aliasing results in Real-Time. CTAA provides unmatched performance and quality for all platforms such as PC, Consoles and VR Devices.


Five AAA quality executable PC Demos and three VR evaluation Demo samples available! See CTAA in action for yourself.  Just contact us here to get all 8 CTAA demo samples now.


Notable CTAA' Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing Customers


The premier next generation VR READY cutting-edge temporal anti-aliasing solution for Unity 5.6 and above. CTAA Utilizes Sophisticated velocity based Temporal re-projection & re-reconstruction methods to achieve extreme ' Temporally Supersampled ' quality results impossible for other ' spatial only ' solutions such as MSAA, FXAA, SMAA and many others. 

Dropship Demo Scene CTAA Ultra Quality mode

Fastest Solution.. Period

Highest Performant Temporal Anti-Aliasing & Temporal SuperSampling solution to date on any engine period...

Now on Unity 5

The Manor Demo Scene CTAA Default Quality

Highest Quality

CTAA is a novel method by Livenda Labs providing true next-gen Cinematic Quality temporally anti-aliased results which maintain and preserve the highest clarity while in motion. 


Sailship Demo CTAA Default Quality

VR and Future Ready

CTAA works with All Unity 5.6 supported platforms including VR (Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, PSVR) 

Single Pass Stereo is available now in Beta (experimental support)



Below is a collection of videos from our downloadable executable samples for both PC and OCULUS VR (HTC VIVE demos coming soon). Get them now, click here

The executable demos show all aspects of our next-gen product for your evaluation. All the demos are made to emulate typical highly complex AAA level quality gaming environments, we have also exaggerated the Aliasing artifacts to show the effectiveness of CTAA.


CTAA Performance metrics FPS

fps (frames per second) Higher is better. Please note the Unity Temporal SMAA and the Other third party solutions have significant issues as they are very blurry and DO NOT retain Anti-Aliasing during any motion, which almost defeats the purpose of anti-aliasing. We have included them here to provide you an indication of performance rather then quality. MSAA is spatial so anti-aliasing on geometry edges only.

Projects in R & D


Pre-Release Video


The Nephilim

 Ocean & Water Engine


Upcoming  Ocean Engine for Unity 5 " The Nephilim Ocean & Water Engine "  Brings next gen AAA quality realistic Ocean Rendering / Simulation and full interaction to Unity Software.

Video below showing custom DX11 compute shaded (GPGPU FFT) tessendorf based ocean simulation engine. Ocean rendering with SSS ( Sub surface atmospheric scattering ) using image based lighting, Ocean showing deep water shading only everything is 100% procedural.


Nephilim Ocean Engine Alpha