CTAA and MSAA Work Great Together

Best of both worlds! if you require Extreme quality you can also use MSAA together with CTAA

CTAA is 100% Compatible with MSAA, so if your project is in forward render mode AND you don't require HDR, you can enable 2xMSAA (no need for 4x as this will be overkill as CTAA will do the heavy lifting for most aliasing artifacts) for even better geometry anti-aliasing. 

This works with CTAA VR for both Oculus / VIVE and the PC version, go ahead and try it. MSAA is a spatial only process which works for geometry edges only however it is great when used with CTAA as even 2x will provide results equivalent to 8-16x when combined with CTAA at only 2x performance cost.


First we like to Thank EVERYONE who purchased the leading Temporal anti-aliasing solution for Unity CTAA!

In the next coming days we have an all new version for everyone which redefines and significantly improves CTAA in four levels, Performance, Quality, Ease of Integration and 100% Unmatched compatibility for all VR devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE.

If you have already purchased you do not need to do anything, you will automatically receive a secure download link. Last but not least, we have many more great information to share when released, very soon.  



CTAA ' Cinematic Temporal Anti Aliasing Released & Available now for Unity 5.4 and above!

We are incredibly excited to announce the imminent availability of our advanced Temporal anti aliasing solution for Unity 5.4 and above. Available for PC, Consoles and VR with Blazing fast performace. Multiple evaluation demo samples are also available and they look great! Read more

Just a few Videos from the CTAA Sample Demos