' Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality & Robotics '

Formed in 2013 Livenda Labs engages in advanced research & development for both software and hardware products.

Areas of Research

  • Virtual Reality :: Entertainment products, Experiences, Optics, New Tracking Technology, Audio
  • Artificial Intelligence :: Deep Neural Networks, AGI, RNN's, LSTM, Hierarchical temporal memory
  • Robotics :: Vision, localization, Natural Language Processing, Motor Control, Dynamics, IK
  • Audio :: Volterra kernel based spatial 3d convolution for VR, Speech and Voice Imitation, Vocoding
  • Real-Time Graphics :: Dynamic Global Illumination, Special Effects, Fluid's & Ocean water rendering

Unity Plugins and Tools

  • CTAA Next generation  ' Cinematic Temporal Supersampled Anti-Aliasing '  for PC & VR Devices

  • Candela SSRR - The first Screen Space based Reflections plugin commercially available for Unity

  • Spectra GI - coming soon for Unity, high performance dynamic Global Illumination for VR

  • Nephilim Ocean & Water Engine - coming soon for Unity and Unreal Engine