CTAA Asset Store Version new Update V1.1 submitted

If you have recently purchased CTAA from the Unity Asset Store, we have just submitted a new update which fixes an issues that can cause contrasting next to each other micro subpixels (or polygons smaller then a pixel in the distance) to jitter and cause ghosting. The new update completely fixes this issue and increases the overall quality significantly.

If you don't like to wait for Unity to approve and post the new V1.1 update, please contact us with your purchase details and we can send you the new update ASAP.

All the best,

CTAA V3.1 for VR screenshot in Unity 2017

CTAA Brings the Ultimate Anti-Aliasing solution for VR to Unity 2017. Available now

We are extremely excited to bringing this solution to Unity 2017. CTAA V3 establishes a viable method for Unity 2017 to use temporal AA for the first time in VR projects. The developer can also enable MSAA at the same time to get unsurpassed AA for their project.

CTAA will provide the ultimate advantages provided from a temporal solution together with great Geometry AA from MSAA at minimal performance impact. Michael Hartjen, CEO Livenda Labs Pty Ltd “